As specialists in clarity since 1934, Calotherm are pleased to announce the launch of Calosport, a NEW lens spray for sports eyewear.

Why Calosport?
Recent product research and development has revealed the growing need for a heavy-duty cleaning spray for people who pursue active sports and leisure.
From cycling, skiing, and golfing to running and swimming, sports enthusiasts have the long-standing challenge of cleaning and maintaining eyewear which is regularly subjected to steam, sweat, dirt, rain, and many other marks and stains.

The solution:
Calotherm has invested time in your customersí sporting challenges and has developed a highly effective cleaning spray to solve these problems. The NEW Calosport boasts the following benefits:

  • It ensures clear vision throughout the duration of sports activities with its anti-static and anti-fog formula.
  • Calosport deals with residue, grease, grime, marks and stains (which inevitably affect sight when using eyewear for sports activities) while remaining a safe cleaner for both the user and their eyewear.
  • To ensure interest in this product when displayed in your practice, Calotherm have packaged the Calosport as a pack of 12 x 25ml sprays in the familiar compact counter display. Calosport is also included in the NEW Calotherm Practice Counter Display.
  • The handy 25ml spray is an ideal travel size which can be carried in any sports eyewear case!
"Donít forget. . . When conducting an eye test, find out what sporting hobby your customer has - you may solve a problem and make a Calosport sale!"