Calotherm counter display

At last! Calotherm is pleased to present a NEW Practice Counter Display that will not only increase your revenue, but will also enhance customer value by offering spectacle care products designed to meet their needs.

The NEW Calotherm Practice Counter Display has been met with great enthusiasm from professionals in the Optical industry and itís no surprise. Why? Here are the main reasons:
  • The display is designed to broaden your customersí choice and assist them in choosing the right cleaning product to care for their glasses.
  • The powerfully branded display will not only get your customers attention, but it has also been designed to fit into a compact space on your counter top.
  • To bring your practice further attention, the display is delivered with a poster for your shop window. This poster informs all passers-by that you are a designated Calotherm Care Centre.
  • Keeping consumer satisfaction in mind at all times, Calotherm have included FREE of charge patient leaflets with the display. These ensure customers feel comfortable that they are purchasing the right product. They also contain important advice on how to care for their glasses correctly.
  • Closing the sale! Calotherm realises the importance of providing assurance to your customer that they are making a quality purchase. Confident of the world class quality and effectiveness of these products, they have included a designated testing area with FREE sample cloth and lens sprays to trial before purchase.
  • Customers who are keen to care for their glasses and protect the money they have invested in them will be able to choose from the complete range of cloths, sprays and wipes in your NEW Calotherm Practice Counter Display.