Cambrian understand that sample requests demand immediate attention and any stock items requested by 4pm are despatched the same day. Other items or stock items if requested in a non-stock specification will be given special attention to arrive as quickly as possible. Cambrian sales staff are always available to answer any queries or problems regarding our product range.

Cambrian hold extensive stocks of catalogue items. Our main warehousing and offices are situated in Newtown, Mid Wales. In addition to this we carry call off stock for customers, much of which is bespoke. If this would suit your needs please speak to a member of the sales team, who would be glad to discuss this further.

Cambrian regularly supply products ready assembled to the customers specification. This service is available for those short of labour or simply for convenience. Please tell us about your requirements.

Cambrian can quickly respond to a reworking project. We have in house machinery to facilitate quick and accurate diptube cutting, and are able to provide other additional services. Please don't hesitate to enquire about these services.

Cambrian have a broad knowledge of specialists in most areas of plastic moulding. Whether it be injection moulding, blow moulding or injection stretch blow moulding, Cambrian has the unique advantage of being able to draw on specialists in each field to bring together a complete one stop solution.

Cambrian are able to offer most products in the colour of your choice. There is always a minimum order quantity for non-stock colours which varies from product to product, and we would be glad to advise upon request.

Cambrian do not have in-house printing facilities, however we are able to offer this service to our customers as we work with many manufacturers who do. We are also in contact with a number of specialised printers around the country. Please ask if you require further information regarding your specific requirements and we will be pleased to help

Fluorination coats the surface of the bottle to prevent 'searching' products from migrating out through holes in the molecular structure of the bottle wall, causing the bottle sides to 'panel' and distort. This looks unattractive, ruins labels and discolours the outside. Cambrian hold stock of fluorinated bottles should your products need this level of protection and would be glad to assist with your specific need. Please enquire further if your products need this application.