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The unique formulation of the calotherm microfibre cloth far exceeds any conventional cloth and enables grease, dirt and moisture to be removed from the most sophisticated of coatings.


  • The first process involves weaving a base fabric with polyester/nylon (composite) yarn.

  • The cloth is then chemically treated to open and split the fibres, making them finer. This results in extra fibre concentration with air pockets to lift and hold dirt and grease away from the surface.

  • Each microfibre is 0.1 decitex (1 decitex is equal to 9/10th denier) leaving it exceptionally soft and flexible. The special shrinking process that is then used creates a finish which makes the fabric structure up to 40 percent denser than the original size. The large surface area this produces results in outstanding particle removal.

  • This unparalleled cloth is perfect for sensitive applications such as clean rooms, lens manufacturing and cleaning, scope/laser cleaning, diamond cleaning, glass cleaning and many other complex surfaces.

  • The hydrophilic properties of nylon, the capillary tube effect, and the highly dense fabric structure also results in the cloth having impressively high absorbency.


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