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Calotherm microfibre cloth and lens cleaning sprays are used by many photographers throughout the world. Calocloth and lens cleaning sprays such as Caloclear, Caloclean and Calocoat are the choice of professionals. Calocloth is washable, lens safe, lint free and features high particle retention so is ideally suited to both clear and coated lenses. Calocloth is also antistatic and highly absorbent. Used in combination with Calotherm lens cleaning sprays the products provide a fantastic solution for the majority of camera lens and camera filter cleaning applications.

Calotherm microfibre cloths, Calowipes and lens cleaning sprays are available to professional and amateur photographers via a number of high street and online retail channels.

We also produce bespoke personalised microfibre cloths and lens cleaning sprays for well-known camera, camera lens and lens filter manufacturers as well as camera rental companies and European retailers.

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