Our heritage

The birth of the
Calotherm brand.

Maurice Raymond worked in a laboratory in the gas industry in the 1930s. In the lab, misty spectacles were a constant source of irritation and so he formulated an anti-mist spray. Realising later its value to plenty of other spectacles’ wearers, he started producing it and selling it to the public, and so the Calotherm brand was born.

Calotherm - Birth of Calotherm
Calotherm - Calotherm Bottle
Calotherm - Product Development

Almost a century of
product development.

As the brand has evolved, so the line-up of products and the breadth of applications has grown. But all with the same underlying purpose and character – applying scientific precision to the cleaning of premium shiny surfaces.

Development timeline


Maurice Raymond formulates the first anti-mist spray and launches it to the market.

Further lens cleaning formulations are developed to provide specific cleaning action.

Calotherm introduces the first microfibre polishing cloth for superior cleaning.

Other industries adopt the Calotherm cleaning technology for precision and premium surfaces.

Calotherm remains the preferred choice of cleaning for discerning glasses wearers and many more besides.


Ongoing development focuses on developing products for the finest cleaning applications.

A trusted name
for a supreme clean

Calotherm products are used across a range of industries.

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