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For 90 years, the Calotherm brand has led the spectacles cleaning market and been synonymous with premium cleaning of lenses and reflective surfaces. Today, we’re proud to see Calotherm products being used in multiple pplications and industries across the world.
Our objective is simple. Dust and smear-free cleaning for those surfaces that matter most. Because whether it’s a microscope lens or a piece of fine jewellery, there are some surfaces where not even a speck of dust should remain. That’s what has lain behind nearly a century of product developments, and it’s what still powers the brand today.

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Whilst working in a laboratory in the 1930s, our founder formulated an anti-mist spray for spectacles, and Calotherm was born. As the brand has evolved, so the line-up of products and the breadth of applications has grown. But all with the same underlying purpose and character – applying scientific precision to the cleaning of premium shiny surfaces.

We strive to operate sustainably in all that we do.

Our flagship product, Calocloth, is manufactured in Japan where high-tech products are best made. But by shipping it across in bulk and converting it within the UK, we are best able to consolidate transport and minimise the carbon impact.

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