Our technology

Intricate instruments require accurate cleaning.
That’s where Calotherm technology comes into its own.

Calotherm - Microfibre cloth
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So much more than microfibre.

To achieve the ultimate clean, we need to go microscopic. Calocloth is made up of tiny split fibres, which collect even the finest particles.

Unlike traditional cloths, the wedge-shaped yarn that makes up Calocloth traps even the finest dust and residue, leaving behind a truly clean, scratch-free surface.

Calotherm - Microfibre Illustration
  • 0.1 decitex microfibre
  • Soft and flexible
  • High-density
  • Highly absorbent
  • Japanese technology

Calotherm sprays

The science behind the spray.

The high-performance formulations for Calotherm sprays have been progressively developed over the years to meet a wide variety of cleaning scenarios, with a specific emphasis on optics, screens and premium shiny surfaces.

Our range of specially-formulated sprays are designed to remove grease, dirt and moisture, creating a streak-free surface for ultimate clarity.

Browse our range of specialist formulas:


Antistatic formula for coated and multi-coated lenses


Alcohol-free, solvent-free spray


Silicone-free cleaning spray


Anti-mist spray formula to aid demisting


Anti-fog formula for stubborn residue

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Calotherm - Black Microfibre cloth