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A trusted name for a supreme clean.

Starting out as a premium solution for keeping spectacle lenses clear and clean, Calotherm products were soon adopted for other uses. And today, Calotherm products are trusted by the very best brands in many industries.

The premium action and properties of Calotherm sprays and cloths make them the cleaning solution of choice for a wide variety of applications. When glass or shiny surfaces need to be kept speck and smear free, Calotherm performance is unrivalled.

Calotherm - Products for Aviation and Automotive

Aviation and automotive

Precision cleaning for flight decks and driver interfaces, where clarity of instruments simply can’t be compromised.

Calotherm - Products for Cinematography and Photography

Cinematography and photography

Maintaining smear-free surfaces for lenses, screens and filters for faultless footage and stills.

Calotherm - Products for Laboratory and clean room

Laboratory and clean room

Perfect clarity and cleanness for instrumentation within a sterile laboratory, where precision is critical.

Calotherm - Products for Polished Glossy Surfaces

Polished and glossy surfaces

From musical instruments to furniture and IT hardware, any polished surface deserves a premium clean.

Calotherm - Products for Glassware and Jewellery

Glassware and jewellery

The ideal care kit for premium produce, providing the finest cleaning and polishing to maintain its lustre.

Calotherm - Products for High Precision Manufacturing

High-precision manufacturing

Some of the finest products are finished using Calotherm cleaning cloth as the final stage in the manufacturing process.

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