Custom products

Custom products

Tailored to your requirements

Calotherm technology is available in formats tailored to your specific requirements, enabling you to achieve the perfect polished surface every time.

Calotherm - Products tailored to your requirements
Calotherm - Bespoke Finishing

Bespoke finishing

All cloth can be finished with pinked (zig-zag) or straight edges and packed into wallets/pouches of choice.

Colours, materials and sizes

Calotherm cloths can be produced in a range of materials and colours, and cut to a size to suit your application, up to 1.2m wide.

Calotherm - Microfibre cloth colours, materials and sizes
Calotherm - Spray containers and packaging

Bottle type, volume and spray style

All spray formulations can be supplied in a range of bottle types, sizes, and materials, combined with different dispenser tops.

Calotherm - Products with branding applied

Branded products

Interested in applying your brand to Calotherm products?

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Calotherm - Black Microfibre cloth