Branded products

Branded products

Calotherm quality with your branding applied

All our products can be personalised to carry your identity, blending the quality of Calotherm with the magic of your brand.

Calotherm - Products with branding applied
Calotherm - Screen Printing

Screen printing

With a range of printed colour possibilities, your branding can be applied to Calotherm’s premium microfibre cloth.

Printed wallets

When it comes to creating tailored products for your brand, Calotherm has a wide selection of available options, including custom-branded wallets containing a premium cloth to your desired specification.

Calotherm - Printed Wallets
Calotherm - Printed Spray Bottles

Printed spray bottles

Choose from our collection of bottles, and customise the
packaging to suit your brand. Tailor your packaging to your
target audience with premium full-print or screen printed labels.

Custom products

Interested in tailoring
Calotherm products?

Calotherm - Products tailored to your requirements

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Calotherm products are used across a range of industries.

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