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Spray range

The high-performance formulations for Calotherm sprays have been progressively developed over the years to meet a wide variety of cleaning scenarios, with a specific emphasis on lenses, screens, and optics.

Our range of specially-formulated sprays are designed to remove grease, dirt and moisture, creating a streak-free surface for ultimate clarity. Browse our range of specialist formulas below:

Calotherm - Caloclean

Alcohol free, solvent free spray

Available in:
12x25ml, 220ml and 500ml

Calotherm - Calosport

Anti-fog formula that combats stubborn residue

Available in:
12x25ml, 220ml and 500ml

Calotherm - Calofree

Silicone free, alcohol free, solvent free, antimist formula

Available in:
12x25ml, 220ml and 500ml

Calotherm - Calocoat

Antistatic formula for coated and multi-coated lenses

Available in:
12x25ml, 220ml and 500ml

Calotherm - Caloclear

Anti-mist spray formula to aid demisting

Available in:
12x25ml, 220ml and 500ml

Calocloth range

To achieve the ultimate clean, we need to go microscopic. Calocloth is made up of tiny split fibres, which collect even the finest particles.

Unlike traditional cloths, the wedge-shaped yarn that makes up Calocloth traps even the finest dust and residue, leaving behind a microscopically clean, scratch-free surface.

Calotherm - Calocloth

More than microfibre

Available in:
20x15cm, 30x25cm, 48x35cm and 60x53cm

Calotherm - Calocare

Optical clean and care kit

Available in:
20x15cm Calocloth, 25ml Caloclear & mini screwdriver

Calotherm - Caloshine

Impregnated cotton cleaning cloth

Available in:
24 Optical lens cleaning cloths


Calotherm-grade cleaning in a single wipe

Available in:
24 packs of 34 wipes

Custom products

Tailored to your requirements

Calotherm technology is available in formats tailored to your specific requirements, enabling you to achieve the perfect polished surface every time.

Spray formulations can be supplied in bottle sizes and materials of your choice, with a range of dispenser options are available. Calotherm cloths can be produced in sizes and colours to suit your specific needs. Discuss your specific application with a Calotherm advisor.

Calotherm - Products tailored to your requirements
Calotherm - Products with branding applied

Branded products

Calotherm quality with your branding applied

All our products can be personalised to carry your identity, blending the quality of Calotherm with the magic of your brand.

Both custom products and stock options can be overbranded, and fully bespoke printed wallets or boxes can be designed and produced to contain your premium cleaning solution.

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Calotherm - Black Microfibre cloth